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Women have more options today than ever.  As welcome as this is, it has also brought increased pressures that are unique to women.  A women’s role has multiplied along with the hurried pace of life, allowing anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and low self-esteem to grow, all reasons why women seek counselling today.


Healing Art of Self Love

We all have a pain story and your pain story can make it harder for you to love yourself.  Pain can make you vulnerable to believe things about yourself that are not true and can disconnect you from yourself and others.  Counselling can help you heal and reconnect.


Eating Disorders

I believe that all women have a unique beauty, inside and out.  Personal pain can cause you to believe this is not true, as can the eating disorder.  Counselling to recover from eating disorders and emotional eating is a way to find your true beauty, because you can come out from under the lies you have come to believe, and see the truth.


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My Approach

It can feel intimidating to seek the help of a counsellor, especially when you are feeling stuck, inadequate, and deeply in need of the right answers, but when you show up for counselling you will find a relaxed atmosphere, a place to freely talk, and new possibilities for your life.

About me

Hi, I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, and I can assist you in making life changes and to find support and healing.  With a masters degree in Counselling Psychology, I have over twenty years of counselling experience in a private practice setting.  I specialize .

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Eating Disorders


Body Image



I did not feel good about my body and ate more than I needed throughout the day.  Karen helped me to heal in my relationship with myself and food, and to heal past hurts.  I now have ways of coping when things are hard rather than turning to food.    

KL  Age 45